Our Five Practice Values

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HERE AT OLYMPIC DENTAL we’re all about serving you. And to best serve you, we’ve taken some time to really define who we are and what we believe.

Practice Value #1: 

We Consider Ourselves Your Health Partner

Our philosophy differentiates us as a “health partner”—not simply a dental practice. We value the relationships we develop with patients, and hope to serve you throughout your life.

Practice Value #2: 

Our Services Begin With Prevention

First and foremost, our emphasis is on preventive dentistry. In turn, every treatment recommendation is clearly in line with long term oral health objectives.

Practice Value #3: 

We Pay Attention

We pay attention to the little things and do everything we can to maximize your comfort and satisfaction.

Practice Value #4: 

We Value Continuing Education

We devote time to improving our technical skills and treatment capabilities to be sure you benefit from the latest research and the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Practice Value #5: 

We’re Technologically Advanced

We invest in the very best materials, equipment, and technology to serve you.

Thanks for your continued support and friendship. Never hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better.

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